The Stone Age diet is known under different names – the Hunter-Gatherer diet, the Prehistoric diet, and the Paleo diet. This dietary plan is based on the diet of hunter-gatherers who collected plants and hunted game. Hunter-gatherers did not grow crops. It wasn’t until about 8,000 years ago when people domesticated maize, broomcorn millet, and wheat and started growing crops.

The Stone Age diet excludes products of farming such as dairies, legumes, and grains. People who follow the Stone Age diet can eat fruits, nuts, seeds, maple sugar, and root vegetables. Those who like exotic foods may try larva and insects. Insects contain important fatty acids and protein. There are some forbidden bugs, which won’t kill you but may make you sick. Avoid orange yellow and red bugs and go for brown, green, and black bugs. If you dislike the thought of eating larva and insects, you can eat meat, eggs, seafood, herbs, and vegetables. Most people eat burgers and steaks. People on the Stone Age diet also eat bone marrow, liver pate, and rabbit tongue and heart.

Some dieters eat large amounts of meat and fast for 24 – 36 hours afterwards. While there are dieters who consume raw meat, Paleolithic people cooked meat. Dieters should have 5 or 6 small meals instead of 3 main meals.
Proponents of the Stone Age diet claim that our bodies are not designed to process some foods. Human genes are not adapted to eating processed foods with added sugars and high carbohydrate content. People suffer from more serious and chronic conditions than their ancestors, and our diet plays a key role. People are not designed to eat a farm-based diet based on processed meats, dairies, and refined sugars. Dieters should avoid foods such as beans, peas, cashews, tofu, and peas. Dieters are encouraged to eat vegetables and fruits except for vegetables that require processing. These include sweet potatoes, parsnip, and potatoes. Our ancestors didn’t drink coffee, coke, and alcohol, and dieters should limit consumption.

The good news is that there are many tasty recipes for people on the Stone Age diet. You can choose from salads, side dishes, main meals, and sweets. You can cook steak with mushrooms, roast chicken with pesto and cauliflower, marinated beets, or Paleo burgers. Those who like soups can prepare tomato basil soup or egg drop soup. Avoid recipes that come with complex cooking instructions. If you need to use the food processor, blender, and other devices, you may need to review your knowledge and approach to the Stone Age diet. You can make tasty salads, stews, omelets, curries, and roasts if you want to impress your guests or spouse. You can prepare marinades and vinaigrettes by using dill, garlic, ginger, and other spices. You can make zesty salmon marinade, herb marinade, garlicky marinade, or another marinade. You can make Mexican pork chops or grilled lamb chops to impress your guests.