A new low-carb guide by LowCarbFoods.org offers tips and advice on how to shed the pounds gained around the holidays.

A new low-carb holiday guide was launched today to help visitors stay on their diet during the holidays and how to shed the pounds gained.

The guide was created by the web and content development team at LowCarbFoods.org to show visitors that it is possible to maintain a low-carb lifestyle when both family and friends are having holiday treats and sweets. The guide offers tips and ideas to survive the holidays and enjoy nutritious foods, delicious meals, and luscious treats.

“Many dieters look for excuses to eat things they shouldn’t during the holidays, and low-carb dieters are no exception. With a little planning you can stay on your low-carb diet and avoid the post-holiday food hangover,” said John Williams, marketing consultant at LowCarbFoods.org.

There is a lot of food at school and work, on television, and at home during the holidays. This could make a person anxious even if he is the most disciplined dieter. Roast turkey, mash, eggnog, plum pudding, cranberry sauce, mince pie, candy canes, and sweet potato pie are traditionally eaten. While many of us are keen to drop a dress size, it is hard to keep the pounds off during the holiday eating season. There is a big focus on food and festive indulgence.

Many dieters are looking for tips and advice on how to avoid winter weight gain. Unfortunately, the season starts as early as the beginning of December. The new holiday guide helps dieters to avoid the temptation to eat carb-laden foods and stick to their plan. Visitors are offered sample menus and ideas for low-carb substitutes, side dishes, and main meals. The holidays are to blame for weight fluctuations, stress, and post-Christmas blues. The good news is that there are ways to keep yourself calm and collected and stick with your diet of choice. The new low-carb guide offers support to dieters, helping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Low-carb foods are abundant during the holiday season, with plenty of delicious recipes to try.